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Agents for digital transformation across the Built Environment

Change Agents are international experts working with policy makers, associations, and leading organisations to accelerate the adoption of innovative processes, and protocols across the Built Environment.


Change Agents (CA) rely on research-based methods to assist both public and private clients to improve their own digital performance (internal) and the abilities of their value chains (external). Services are delivered through an international network of process engineers, academic researchers, and top specialists with the relevant international experiences to match each client’s information management, knowledge management, and digital performance challenges.

Deliverables include tailored assessment metrics, custom online tools, macro adoption policy roadmaps, digital transformation strategies, and competency-based educational frameworks across languages and boundaries.

Agents for organising information and enabling knowledge-based decisions

Change Agents develop and implement digital transformation strategies within organisations and - supporting policy makers - across industry sectors. Change Agents reduce the complexity of decision making by clarifying the connections between requirements and deliverables, and by prioritising the actions that need to be taken to improve digital performance.

Change Agents, Reducing BIM Complexity

Change Agents deliver the advice, methods, models, and tools needed to reduce complexity and improve decision-making. All is based on published research that and is well-tested and implemented in pioneering organisations and institutions.

Agents for assessing and improving digital performance using unique metrics, methods, and tools

Change Agents conduct assessments to establish the capability, competency, and compliance gaps within and across organisations and project teams. Using research-based methods and custom-built tools, assessments are used to establish performance benchmarks, identify competency gaps, and clarify the levels of macro adoption across industry sectors. 


Assessment services across scales

Change Agents are specialist performance assessors. Assessments are based on published research. Change Agents conduct assessments at different scales. Specially developed metrics and tools allow assessing, analysing, and - where needed - integrating results covering market maturity, project performance, organisational capability, and individual competence.

Assessments across different scales Nov

Assessments are based on the research-based BIM Excellence Method and are conducted through the infinitely customisable assessor tool

Macro BIM Adoption Advisory Services

Change Agents develop strategies for facilitating the adoption of digital tools, processes, and workflows across whole markets. Services advisory reports and the delivery of decision support templates, standards' compliance summaries, and modular roadmaps with clear macro adoption objectives,  mandates and incentives.


Change Agents offer Macro BIM Adoption strategy development and road-mapping services. Starting with clarifying macro adoption goals and objectives that suit each market, the strategies delivered reflect the lessons learned from operating in numerous countries. Deliverables include evidence-based recommendations, decision support templates, roadmaps and localised engagements plans.


Competence mapping, learning paths, and micro certification

Change Agents offer a comprehensive approach to competence mapping and development. Competence profiles are generated to represent targeted organisational and project capabilities. These capabilities are then tested to establish learning requirements, individualised learning paths, and to develop organisation-specific micro certification programmes that enable continuous improvement.


Performance improvement for organisations and teams

Change Agents assist medium and large organisations to identify their current BIM capabilities and to generate medium-term and long-term capability/ performance targets. Change Agents provide the language, templates, and processes to help organisations to increase their BIM Capability and BIM Maturity levels so they can deliver their services at higher levels of predictability and repeatability.

Chart showing Collated Capability/Maturity across Business Streams
Chart showing comparative abilities across a supply chain

Change Agents have conducted thousands of assessments at different scales (300+ public and private organisations, many thousands of individuals, 20+ countries). Assessments are based on the BIM Excellence Method and are delivered through a white-labelled BIM Excellence Online Platform (2013-2020) and the highly customisable assessor tool. 


BIM Excellence Method

Measuring performance is at the core of performance improvement. Without measurement, an organisation cannot accurately determine whether its investment in software implementation or staff training has returned the expected dividends. Also, without measurement, organisations would find it difficult to evaluate the effectiveness of developing standards, workflows and protocols. Finally, without measurement, organisational performance cannot be effectively monitored, managed or steered to meet strategic business objectives.

BIM Excellence (BIMe) is a unique research-based approach to assess and improve the competency of individuals, organisations, projects, and teams within the Built Environment.

BIMe enables different types of assessment including:

  • Compliance with national or international standards

  • Capability in delivering a pre-specified performance outcome

  • Conformance with internal organisational protocols or codes

  • Competency against a specific competency target

  • Compatibility between organisations within a Supply Chain or project team.

The BIMe Method which includes several components and steps within an iterative performance improvement cycle. Each cycle covers assessment scoping, data collection and analysis, developing custom performance plans, and then - after these plans are implemented - measurement of results to ensure success and/or to initiate new performance improvement cycles.

BIMe uses statistical data and specialized measurements to identify actual BIM performance and then compare it against project/ client requirements, industry benchmarks or previous performance results.


Tools for performance assessment and knowledge organisation

Change Agents develop and maintain online applications that are tailored to serve its assessment approach and open innovation approach. 


The assessor platform is a specialised and highly customisable web application for developing, conducting, and managing performance assessment and improving campaigns. The application ( allows the creation of custom assessment profiles, staged assessment flows, assessor accounts, assessment notes, and many other permission-based controls. The application provides customisable data analytics allowing robust generation of detailed reports. 


The BIM Excellence tool (2013-2021)  was an online solution for conducting assessment campaigns. Multiple versions of this tool were developed, each customised to match a client's assessment requirements by country, domain, discipline, or language. The tool has now been amalgamated into the platform.


The BIM Dictionary platform ( is a collaborative web application that hosts the knowledge base of the BIM Dictionary Project (part of the not-for-profit BIMe Initiative). The custom-built platform allows searching, browsing, and creating custom term lists in multiple languages. Intended as a community tool, the BIM Dictionary includes multiple consoles for generating, translating, and reviewing terms, descriptions, and multi-page encyclopedic entries contributed by industry experts.

Custom tool development for information and knowledge management projects

Change Agents design, develop, and maintain a host of performance assessment, information management, and content management applications. These applications are not standalone software solutions but are part of the overall services offered. Online applications can be built in-house covering a variety of requirements including custom performance assessment, knowledge management, competence mapping, and learning management.


Agents for open innovation, knowledge-sharing and community empowerment

Change Agents embrace the principles of open innovation, open access to knowledge, and continuous learning. Translating this into action, Change Agents launched the BIM Excellence Initiative (BIMe Initiative) and is still its main financial backer. Most of the original Intellectual Property that seeded the BIMe Initiative have been derived from Change Agents' materials which were originally developed as commercial services and tools. They are now freely available under a Creative Commons license.

Visit the BIMe Initiative:


International Agents

Change Agents work in teams of international experts working together to address each client's unique adoption challenges. As such, a Change Agents' team is rarely composed of the same experts but is custom formulated to match each project's service and delivery requirements.

Valued clients

Below is a partial list of Change Agent's clients:


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